Carleton Goes “Pink” for a Day


On Friday, October 21, Carleton Elementary School’s staff and students went pink for a day to recognize and honor those who have fought valiantly but lost the battle against breast cancer, those who are currently fighting, and those who are proud survivors of the dreaded disease.  Students and staff dressed in pink, made signs, and marched around Carleton at 1:00 pm Friday.  The chant “What do we want?” “A CURE!” “When do we want it?” “NOW!” could be heard throughout the Carleton community as the entire school walked and made moves to “STAMP” out breast cancer.
The event was coordinated by Tierra Carter, the Educational Technician at Carleton.  Principal Scott shared some facts with students over the PA about breast cancer and shared her experience with the disease through the loss of her sister at the age of 38.  The school donated $78 to the American Cancer Association to do their part in helping to eradicate the second deadliest cancer for women behind skin cancer.

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